WP 2

WP2 – Development of competence-basedcurriculum of Master degree study programme “Smart Environment and ClimateChange management (SECCM)”

WP2 – Development of competence-based curriculum of Master degree study programme “Smart Environment and Climate Change management (SECCM)”

The second work package focuses on the development of master’s programme curriculum.

First, the curriculum currently deployed at the partner universities will be compared and used in the development process of the new competence-based curriculum for Master’s degree study programme in SECCM, if applicable.

Structural sub-divisions of the consortium members will work on the development of an internationally recognized interdisciplinary MS programme design and curriculum taking into account the surveys of the labor market and competences’ framework.

The SECCM Programme aims and the intended learning outcomes will be adjusted to competence framework and developed incompliance to legal acts and stakeholders demands. The curriculum of the study programme will be designed in compliance with Bologna process legal acts and demands of social partners. The programme design and the curriculum will be approved by Consortiums Universities’ Supreme Academic Councils. The programme design and the curriculum will be presented for wider community by means of project website etc.

During the WP consortium partners will organize video conferences, meetings by means of Skype etc. in order to share their experiences and results.