WP 3

WP3 – Collaboration Platform for Smart Environment and Climate Change Management

In the third workpackage the collaboration platform will be designed to address different target groups (students,professors, administrative staff, project members, guests). It will allow course development and management as well as collaboration features for both, students and professors.

The development process of each part of the platform will consists of 5 main phases; (1) Determination of system requirements, (2) design, (3) implementation, (4) integration and (5) test.Expected system requirements will be documented in the system requirements document. Conceptual and architectural design and implementations of the system will be based on this document.

The main focus when developing the new platform lays in the usage of existing open source solutions that support international standards (e.g. SCORM). Potential open source candidates for the learning and teaching environment are Moodle or Google Classroom.

Project specific parts that are not supported by existing systems will have to be implemented and integrated for the specific needs of the project. Training materials and activities are planned for teaching staff as well as students. Training of Egyptian and EU Higher Education Institutions staff and students will be organized by KU specialists.

The tasks of the third workpackage are as follows:

  • To carry out the requirement analysis and to define the needs of the different target groups as well as the technical and functional requirements.
  • To design the system outlines of the collaboration platform that fulfills the requirements defined in the requirement analysis.
  • To deploy the collaboration platform.
  • To train the target group of teachers, trainees and administration staff in the usage of the collaboration platform and in creating and managing online courses.
  • To create the basic workflow for the students will be developed.
  • To implement special modules.