WP 4

WP4 – Upgrade of existing and development of new syllabi for Smart Environment Change Management

According to the output of WP2 the curriculum for Smart Environment and Climate Change Management will be developed. The existing similar syllabi in EU universities and Egyptian universities will be identified.

The fourth WP will start with the training of EG and EU staff in the National Observatory of Athens (Athens) in order to learn the newest tendencies in Psychical sciences Environmental research and innovations. The outcomes of the training will be integrated into the content of new syllabi.

Further on, the analysis of the existing syllabi in Physical sciences (Environmental science) will be performed.Suitability for the new competence-based curriculum will be analyzed and gaps identified. Thereafter it will be decided if an adaptation of existing syllabi to the new curriculum is suitable and possible.

The new curriculum will have to be introduced in consortium universities. Consortium HEI will adapt their existing programmes (introduce new modules / create specializations / start common programmes in SECCM) thus benefiting from the new curriculum. EG academic staff will develop their competence in applying technologies in Smart Environment Change Management. For this purpose they will participate in one-week trainings at KU. The new programme SECCM will then start at AASTMT, AU, SCU, SVU.