WP 6

WP6 – Quality control and monitoring

Quality control and monitoring procedures will take place during the whole period of the project implementation. Revised budget and activity plan will be confirmed early in the beginning of the project and will become the documents against which the project progress will be monitored. The project indicators as in the LFM will be revised and updated where appropriate letting measure the project progress in a quantifiable way.Medium-term progress will be controlled by the Project Committee (See WP9),which will meet every six months. Short term planning, performance and review will be controlled to more extent locally by the individual consortium members,but being supervised by the coordinator who will be in regular contact with leaders of the project activities.

In particular the following evaluation measures are foreseen: evaluation of performance and adequacy of staff retraining by host supervisors, assessment of new curriculum by the consortium universities, assessment of developed syllabi by external experts, evaluation of results achieved by students during the mobility periods through examinationat host universities, assessment of new teaching materials by the external experts, assessment of dissemination and sustainability actions by the consortium. Public control over the project will be provided through Guest book on the project web site and collaborative platform.