WP 7

WP7 – Dissemination and sustainabilityin the academic context

The seventh workpackage focuses on the strategy for dissemination of project results in academic context. The strategy consists of establishing the process and making the project results – including intermediate results – available to a target audience.

Prior to the start of the project, information workshops will be organized at EU universities and AASTMT, AU, SCU, SVU in order to present the project to the local academic staff, the students and the relevant university administration. At the end of each of the three project years, additional information workshops will be conducted to reflect on the progress of developed curricula Syllabi. The first two annual workshops are accompanied by supplementary newsletters summarizing the projects activities and results achieved during a particular year. Subsequent to the third project year, a final brochure will be published covering the performance and results of the entire project period.

The projects web site will be set up and maintained throughout the project, providing public access to information about the project. It will be cross-linked with web sites of the consortium members and sites of the Associated Partners. Quarterly electronic-newsletters will be prepared and distributed according to the established subscription list.

The new syllabi will be published and available on the Internet and in the AASTMT admission board, as well as in the admission boards of the other project partners.

An exhibition activity (‘Open Days’) will be organized during the third year of the project to present the developed curricula to potential students. The new curricula will be advertised in annually published reference books.

The Collaboration Learning and academic environment platform will be used by all partner organizations, teachers and students in their everyday activities. Some abstracts concerning the usage of the new teaching technologies will be prepared for the scientific conference on this topic. Associated partners will disseminate the new syllabi and contents of the new MSc to their networks and actively promote them.