7 – Dissemination and sustainability in the academic context

WP7 – Dissemination and sustainabilityin the academic context

The strategy for dissemination of project results in academic context includes different activities ranging from the organization of information workshops to the issuing of newsletters, the design and development of the official Project’s website and the Facebook Page, ending with the practical use of the Collaboration Platform

The following activities have been done:

7.1 Info WorkshopInformation workshops are organized at European and Egyptian Universities and mainly dedicated to inform staff and students of the universities about the project and to present the project results to interested stakeholders
Info Day(Alexandria University, April 2018)Summary WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Info Day_AU_April2018\Report on info day.docxPhoto WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Info Day_AU_April2018\DSC_0550_view.JPG
Info Day_EURASIA Project(University of Catania, October 2018)Presentation WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Info Day_EURASIA_UNICT_OCT2018\EuroAsia_UNICT presentation@22Oct2018.pptxPhotoWP7\D7.1\D7.1_Info Day_EURASIA_UNICT_OCT2018\Eurasia.jpg
 Erasmus+ International Week(Klaipeda University, May 2019)Summary WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Erasmus+Week_KU_MAY2019\Short summary of Erasmus+ International Week_2019 KU.pdfPhoto WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Erasmus+Week_KU_MAY2019\IMG_20190509_100814.jpg
 Info Day(Hurgada, August 2019)Agenda WP9\D9.11\D9.11_Hurghada2_ AdapTM Meeting Agenda.pdf
 Info Day(Klaipeda University, October 2019)Summary WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Info Day_KU_OCT19\Short report on info day in KU.pdfPhoto WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Info Day_KU_OCT19\IMG_20191022_141708.jpg
 Meeting of the committee of Science and Industry(Alexandria University, October 2019)Presentation WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Info work_AU_OCT2019\لجنة الصناعة.pptxPhoto WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Info work_AU_OCT2019\936c20f4-40c0-41a1-9cd6-9b74d88c4957.jpeg
 Info workshop(EMUNI University, November 2019)Summary WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Info work_EMUNI_NOV2019\AdapTM_Information_Workshop_2019_11_22.docxPresentation WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Info work_EMUNI_NOV2019\AdapTM_Information_Workshop_EMUNI_019_11_22.pdf
Other Information EventsNational Erasmus+ Day(Cairo, October 2018)Agenda WP7\D7.1\D7.1_National Erasmus+Day_OCT2018\NED2018  Agenda.pdf
 Projects’ Cafè(Alexandria, October 2019)Summary WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Project Cafe_AU_NOV2019\Summary.docxPhoto WP7\D7.1\D7.1_Project Cafe_AU_NOV2019\2bd34451-92cb-4a42-9c69-4fded5d2b386.JPG
7.2 Annual newsletter, Quarterly  e-newsletterAnnual newsletters are issued covering results of the respective years. In addition, four-monthly e-newsletters are produced and disseminate for informing about the Project’s updates.1st annual (October 2018) WP7\D7.2\D7.2_ADAPTM handout_1.pdf1st four-monthly (February 2019) WP7\D7.2\D7.2_ADAPTM handout_e_1.pdf2nd four-monthly (June 2019) WP7\D7.2\D7.2_ADAPTM handout_e_2.pdf2nd annual (October 2019) WP7\D7.2\D7.2_ADAPTM handout_2.pdf3rd four-monthly (February 2020)
7.3 WebsiteThe project web site was set up at the beginning of the Project, improved and updated according to Project’s development and implementation. It will be maintained also beyond the lifetime of the project to allow a wide advertisement & communication about achieved results and impacts of ADAPTM among the established Partners’ networks.HOME PAGE http://www.adaptm.eu/wordpress/
7.4 Open DaysThis activity, hold in AASTMT, AU, SCU, SVU is aimed at presenting the new competency-based Master degree curriculum in SECCM to the potential students.
Open Day(Alexandria University, October 2019)Agenda WP7\D7.4\D7.4_Open d_AU\Info Day Agenda.pdfPhotos WP7\D7.4\D7.4_Open d_AU\IMG_5894.jpeg
Open Day(Arab Academy, February 2020)Photos WP7\D7.4\D7.4_Open d_AASTMT\WhatsApp Image 2020-02-04 at 2.55.38 PM (2).jpeg
Open Day(Suez Canal University, February 2020)Photos WP7\D7.4\D7.4_Open d_SCU\2020-02-02 (2).jpg
7.5 Advertisement of new curriculumSECCM course promoted through social-media customized campaign, website/mailing list of Partners’ networks, outreach materialBrochure WP5\D5.1_Brochure.zipLink to https://www.facebook.com/adaptmproject/?ref=bookmarks
7.7-7.8 Practical usage  of Collaborative PlatformDissemination activities presented in collaboration learning and academic environment platform. The platform is used by the community of the partner universities also after the end of the Project. All information about curriculum and syllabi is available. 
7.9 Facebook pageDedicated page on Facebook for informing and disseminating about ADAPTM Project and SECCM MSc.Link to https://www.facebook.com/adaptmproject/?ref=bookmarks