8 – Dissemination and exploitation

WP8 – Dissemination and exploitation

The consortium universities will internationally promote a disseminate the project. Related activities include the publication of the book “Climate Change Management Through Adaptation and Mitigation”, conferences, seminars, participation in the National and International Conferences on the project related issues in order to spread the dissemination of the Project materials and information on the national and international levels.

The following activities have been done:

8.1 Book “Climate Change Management Through Adaptation and Mitigation”A book about the content of the project and achieved results will be edited and published by the end of the project. The book will explore and convey new insights into the state of the art in climate change management, going well beyond a mere information on scientific community and trying to reach a broader audience.
8.2 International Conferences on Project resultsInternational Conferences on the project related issues are under organization and aimed also at disseminating the Project materials and outcomes to present to the international audience.
 16th annual International Scientific Conference “Social Innovations for Sustainable Regional Development”(Klaipeda University, April 2020)Brochure 
 INPUT 202011th International Conference on Innovation in Urban and Regional Planning(University of Catania, September 2020)Link to http://input2020.unict.it/
Other Scientific Events
Scientific Seminar “Urban Heat Island and urban microclimate”(University of Catania, November 2018)Flyer
 International Conference of Italian Institute for Urbanism11th INU Study Day 2018 “Interruptions, intersections, sharing and overlappings. New perspectives for the territory”(Naples, December 2018)Presentation
 National Conference “Jūros ir krantų tyrimai 2018“ (“Marine and Coastal Research 2018”)(Klaipeda, May 2018)Poster
 Scientific Seminar “Urban climate models for urban planning” (University of Catania, July 2019)Flyer
8.3 Scientific publicationsAcademic staff participating in the project publish scientific articles in various scientific journal, thus presenting project results and research activities. 
‘‘Improving research and education in climate change management by international networking in Mediterranean Areas: the AdapTM project’’(Urbanistica Informazioni, ISSN n. 0392-5005)Paper
“Integration of climate change and adaptation Management into learning curriculum in higher Education”(Journal of Management Vadyba, ISSN 1648-7974)Paper