WP 9

WP9 – Management of the project

The lead partner will appoint a qualified and experienced project manager (PM) who will, together with the financial manager, be responsible for the day-to-day operation and co-ordination.

The function of the project manager incorporates two complementary tasks. It (1) addresses the technical content of the work relating to the implementation of defined tasks, proper timing and quality control of tasks implementations, deliverables production and information flows and it (2) deals with financial, legal and administrative aspects.Separate Workpackage Leaders (WPL) will be appointed, for the coordination of the tasks in the individual work packages.

Each partner is equally and independently responsible for the activities assigned to them, the use of available capital and the reporting and auditing of the project. The project will be supervised by a Project Committee (PC) composed of one representative from each of the participating partners and will be chaired by a representative of the AP.Essential decisions within the project will be taken by the coordinator in close collaboration with the financial manager and members of the PC.

All partners are equally contracted to the project; financial procedures operate directly between each of them and the(AP). Coherent reporting disciplines prevail and will be communicated between WPL and the AP, through the project manager for respective issues. Budgetary control is undertaken by the AP’s Finance Manager, backed up by each of the partners’ own finance officers who have direct access to first-level costs(purchases, accounts, rates, time sheets).

Effective communication will be assured through planned meetings, and through the convenient usage of the collaboration platform.