WP 1

WP1 – Preparation of the project

During the project proposal preparation stage (2016 – 2017) consortium countries have carried out research of labour markets. The aim of the research was to justify the demand for the Master’s degree study programme in Physical sciences “Smart Environment and Climate Change Management”. Each country has surveyed 100 representatives of labourmarket. Research results clearly show the demand for MSc.:

In EG partner universities: there is no any similar study programme, though the research data clearly proves the need for this kind of specialists (85%); the graduates and employers are not satisfied with the content of study programmes (70%) ; the demand for this kind of specialists is very high because of the number of free workplaces.

In EU partner countries: research results show the tendency that labor market needs graduates in SECCM with Master’s degree possessing some certain competences (Smart technologies in environment management, modelling etc.). 

During the research the job opportunities(clusters of opportunities) for MSc in Physical sciences (Environmental science) and in SECCM within consortium countries were identified. 

The tasks of the first workpackage are as follows:

  • To analyze the data of research on labor markets and to develop questionnaires for survey of stakeholders (employers, professional associations, alumni, etc.).
  • To conduct a survey of employers, professional associations and alumni.
  • To analyze data of survey of employers, professional associations and alumni with respect to competence approach to education.
  • On the basis of research data on labor markets in consortium countries and all possible employment opportunities (clusters of opportunities) to develop a competence framework for SECCM graduates;
  • To organize training of PC administrative and academic staff.